13 December, 2006

EMBL PhD Student Shared Pool

Dear alumni,

Let me call your attention about the possibility that EMBL offers of accessing their PhD Applicant Pool. Those of you which are in the position of hiring a student may use this service to find a suitable candidate. In their own words, taken from:


"Regularly, the EMBL International PhD Programme receives a very high number of applications for its annual selection. Because of self-selection, many of these come from very good candidates, and the number of very good applications usually far exceeds the number of students that we can invite for interview.

To serve both the applicants [who would otherwise be unsuccessful] and the community of our academic colleagues [many of whom seek qualified applications], we are introducing a new service. The potential 'match-making' should create a win-win situation for applicants and interested principal investigators alike.

Applicants can decide whether or not they want their files to be included in this service. As a consequence, all included dossiers reflect the principal authorization by the students.

Evidently, only qualified parties should have access to this service. Therefore, we ask you to complete the brief questionnaire at the bottom of this page. Passwords will then be issued to qualified members of the scientific community only.

All users will receive an automatic e-mail request for feedback. This feedback will serve to optimise this new service for the user community.

Anne Ephrussi, Dean of Graduate Studies and Matthias Hentze, Associate Director, EMBL"

Shared Applicant Pool Questionnaire

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