31 October, 2008

4th EMBL Alumni Spanish and Portuguese Chapter Meeting

Dear alumni,

Guillermo Montoya has submitted the definitive schedule for our next meeting, you can find it below.

[from an e-mail written by Guillermo Montoya]

Dear all ; please find enclosed the final agenda, see you here

best regards


PS: please contact Guillermo directly at gmontoya<.at.>cnio.es

(edited on November 5th for some minor modifications)

4th EMBL Alumni Spanish and Portuguese Chapter Meeting

CNIO, Madrid; 28th of Novemeber, 2008.

Venue: CNIO, 2nd floor seminar room.
Melchor Fernández Almagro 3
28029 Madrid, Spain

Definitive Schedule:

9:15 Welcome, by CNIO vicedirector Erwin Wagner.

9:30 Ignacio Dolado (CNIO, Madrid): p38 MAPK mediates the invasive phenotype of human cancer cell lines.

10:00 Robert Kypta (CICbioGUNE, Bizkaia): Roles and regulation of Wnts and Wnt antagonists in cell growth and differentiation.

10:30 Guillermo Montoya (CNIO, Madrid): Molecular basis of xeroderma pigmentosum DNA repair by homing endonucleases.

Coffee break

11:45 Fatima Gebauer (CRG, Barcelona): Regulation of X chromosome dosage compensation by UNR.

12:15 EMBL Core Facilities, presented by Christian Boulin (EMBL, Heidelberg).

13:00 Council Members, presented by Cristina Espa (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovaci├│n).

13:20 Alumni Association
, presented by Sarah Sherwood (IRB, Barcelona).

14:00 Lunch at CNIO

15:15-16:15 General assembly

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