08 October, 2008

Next Meeting, Madrid

Dear alumni,

Preparations are under way for next meeting, to be held on Friday November 28th, at CNIO in Madrid. Please find below a message from our next host, Guillermo Montoya.

Next Iberic Chapter Meeting, Madrid, November 28th

[from an e-mail written by Guillermo Montoya]

Dear all , I am just contacting you to make some announcements [...] we have to organize the meeting in a very short time. Therefore, I´d like to have a list of attendees asap. So:

1.- People that plan to come, please send me an email confirming your assistance before the 9th-oct.

2.-Those of you that would like to give talk, please send me a summary (10-15 lines) including the the title of your talk before the 14th.

I hope I can send you a program around the 15th



PS: please contact Guillermo directly at gmontoya<.at.>cnio.es

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